The Rolling Roof (Aluminum sunroof system) is the only product in the world that allows you to get the highest benefit from sunny days and bright nights with its sun-shading feature by opening it where it is.

The system makes a big difference to its alternatives with its elegance, impermeability and strong and firm stance.

Panels used on the ceiling are 36 cm wide and extremely stylish and strong. It can be easily cleaned as it can be walked on.

If desired, the LED light system can be installed by us, and you can also have the opportunity to light it according to your own taste.

This system, which is preferred by many high-level cafes and restaurants in our country and abroad, is also preferred by property owners with gardens or terraces, especially on the terrace floors, because it is much more resistant to strong winds than the tarpaulin ceiling system.

We hope that cafe, restaurant and property owners who have not met Rolling Roof yet, will introduce this wonderful product as soon as possible.


It can be applied with pillars according to the architecture of the area or the decoration needs of the space. It adds quality to the space with its strong and clean lines. A camellia system has been developed to cover very large areas in a spacious way. It can be applied independently with bilateral opening. Double-sided application creatively expands the outdoor space. All of these architectural solutions that will make your life easier are designed in harmony with the pergola system. Pergola offers permanent solutions for all kinds of spaces with its modern lines, stylish appearance and aesthetic solutions.


Our Sun Shading Systems are designed to control daylight in buildings and prevent energy loss. They are application solutions that allow the light to enter the space sufficiently, are also used for decorative purposes and add aesthetic value to the building.