about us

About us

We have completed our commitments that we have undertaken in the aluminum curtain wall and aluminum architectural systems sector with our correct and meticulous working principle, flawlessly and with praise.

It is our greatest gain to be proud of delivering all the work we undertake on time, properly and flawlessly even under the most difficult conditions.

In order to live this pride in the future, we are working tirelessly with our young, dynamic, high-quality management and technical staff, with our strong machine park and most importantly, with the power we get from the past.

To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by delivering the incoming requests in the shortest time and in the fastest way. To ensure that these relationships are permanent by targeting 100% customer satisfaction. Continuous improvement and improvement by keeping up with technologies and change. To work focused on customer satisfaction without compromising our quality and values.

The target set in the aluminum curtain wall and aluminum architectural systems sector; Using experienced technical staff, advanced technology and quality products, it is to maintain the quality of service to our customers.

Considering international standards and customer satisfaction, ARCE METAL will follow modern architectural structures and different architectural projects within the framework of global trends and will continue to develop its knowledge and experience on the international platform with ARCE METAL employees within the framework of quality understanding.

To increase our market share in the construction sector in the TRNC with the architectural concept projects we have done and will do.

Arce metal targets these targets in the construction sector; Excellence in architecture; optimum use, smart systems, latest technological innovations, knowledge and experience.